Architecting Your Life Plan

An approach for establishing meaningful life goals

Through some cosmic hiccup we’ve all received the same training on goal setting. We’ve learned goals need to be SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound). Instead of setting a goal like, I want to be healthier, it’s much more powerful to commit, I will lose ten pounds in eight weeks.

The problem is, when we attempt to set significant life goals, leaning on the SMART model is like trying to kill a bear with a butter knife.

In today’s post I’ll share 3 thoughts on life planning:

1. A Biblical perspective
2. Practical Steps
3. A Measurement Philosophy

Early Retirement

How to retire the right energize your future

Two of my colleagues recently resigned from corporate life to pursue an entrepreneurial venture.  Not the typical venture…they’re running concessions at an aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona. Ice cream and sea life in the Sonoran Desert!  Sounds to me like they pulled the cord on an early retirement.  Am I jealous?  Yes!

Feeling no need to protect their identities, I’ll refer to my former colleagues as Mark and Doug, their Aquarium as OdySea and their concession project as Frozen Penguin Ice Cream.  I’ll also refer to them as friends since we’re no longer colleagues.

Yesterday two things happened that again reminded me of my friends and their early retirement.