Helping Our People Win at Work

4 ingredients to a winning formula

There’s a longstanding tension between the leaders and the led.  Some might even characterize the relationship as adversarial.  We could certainly debate the presence and source of that friction.  Instead, I’ll simply suggest that friction between leaders and the people we lead impedes performance.

Savvy leaders seek to minimize relational friction.  One powerful way to do so is to help the people we lead achieve the wins they desire.  And what they desire is to secure wins with us.

Loving the Ones You Lead

Why love in the workplace is a good thing

At the risk of my employer firing me, or my wife leaving me, let me explain.

The world is enamored with love…but it lacks a good working definition.  In its cheapened form love amounts to like, lust, and feelings.  Popular media bombards us with artists, musicians, and movie-makers watering it down with empty words, immature feelings, and meaningless sex.

Strangers in a Foreign Land

Maybe it's time to embrace your misfit

Hermey the Elf

After 25 years in the workforce, I awoke recently and realized…I’m a stranger in a foreign land.

How could it be that after all these years…all the hard work, politics, tough lessons, long hours, good leaders, bad leaders, successes and failures…the workplace still seems so foreign?  Almost like Hermey the Elf in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer who longed to be a dentist…I awoke a misfit.