A Platform of Giving

Christians often debate the level at which God wants us to give.  Is it north or south of 10% (e.g. are we still under the tithe)? Is the calculation based on our gross or net income?  A favorite answer of mine is, “Would you rather God bless you on your gross or net?”

Set aside that question and instead consider this: Do you have a plan for allocating the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars you WILL give away during your lifetime?

A Recurring Problem

Americans spend so much money that we often forget what we’re buying!

Marketers prey on our forgetfulness through something called “Recurring Billing.”  You know, merchants request our credit card number along with authorization to charge us every month for stuff.  Yep that’s recurring billing and you’re probably amongst the 54% of Americans using it to spend billions each month.

This type of spending highlights a recurring problem.  Actually 2 recurring problems!